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Hudl Focus Flex FAQ

We have the answers for all your questions about Focus Flex, our portable smart camera fully integrated with Hudl. For questions about our permanently mounted Focus Indoor and Outdoor cameras, visit our Hudl Focus Indoor & Outdoor FAQs.

How Hudl Focus Works

The camera can capture anything on your soccer pitch. The camera uses AI player tracking to automatically pan and zoom to follow the action for global football (soccer).

Once you get to the pitch you’ll set up your camera with the tripod and included stabilization kit, then calibrate the camera to your field using the Focus app. Once calibrated you can begin recording right away and have the ability to extend or stop the recording, livestream and monitor your camera status from the palm of your hand.

Focus Flex cameras have 500GB of storage that allows you to record over 100 matches.

Yes. In fact, it’s the only camera that uploads automatically to Hudl. Focus Flex automatically uploads your match in-real time with built-in 4G capability* or via Wi-Fi during or after the match. With no additional processing, you’ll be able to get to your game video quickly to make adjustments with your team. Other smart camera systems require you to download the video before uploading it to Hudl yourself.

*Available for purchase through Hudl. The network is available in the US only. Coverage is not available in some areas. See full terms online.

By default, new uploads are available to the coaches and athletes on your Hudl roster. Outside of that you’ll choose if you’d like to exchange your video on Hudl with opponents or other teams.

Nope! We know keeping your practices private is important to you. Hudl won’t share your practice video or on-the-fly recordings with another team.

No, both teams must submit their game video to Hudl Assist independently to get the postgame stats for their team.

Focus Flex is the only camera that is fully integrated with Hudl. This removes the need for you to manually upload your matches or the need to wait for matches to be ready to review post game. The high-quality video of Flex only makes all the other Hudl tools more valuable–in depth stats from Hudl assist, more video for highlight creation and more opportunities to get noticed by recruiters.


With Hudl Focus, you’re in the driver’s seat. It’s your video—you should control how and when you stream it.

Real-time livestreaming is made simple via built in 4G capabilities* or via Wi-Fi ensuring parents, fans and recruiters to never miss a moment.

*Available for purchase through Hudl. The network is available in the US only. Coverage is not available in some areas. See full terms online.

You’ll have the option to stream directly to Hudl TV, the Hudl-owned streaming platform that gives you monetization options.

It is free to stream to Hudl TV which means your only cost associated with livestreaming is for your Hudl and a Hudl Focus subscription.

Hudl Focus automatically uploads raw game and practice video to your Hudl account, which you can review, analyze, and share however you like.

Total Cost

Our team is available to provide visibility into the total cost of your Hudl products and services, including everything to do with your camera and livestreaming options.

Our team can answer any questions you have about pricing and how Hudl Focus can benefit your coaching team.

Hudl Focus is a yearly subscription.

Yes, unless your organization is tax exempt. If that’s the case, send us your form and we’ll get it taken off your invoice.

Hudl Focus is the only camera that uploads video directly to Hudl, and Hudl itself is the only software you need to operate the camera.

Your purchase includes a Hudl Focus Flex camera with an angle adapter, USB-C 5ft (1.5m) charging cable and 65W charger, an ethernet cable, and an external battery. Additionally you’ll receive a weather-resistant backpack with designated storage areas for all the accessories that power your Flex.

Outside of a Hudl subscription and the Hudl Focus camera, your only other one time optional purchase is the 25' tripod. Additionally, available for purchase through Hudl is a 4G data plan* for real-time livestreaming and uploading.

*Available for purchase through Hudl. The network is available in the US only. Coverage is not available in some areas. See full terms online.

We have subscription levels to suit every organization—contact your sales rep to learn more.

The Hudl Focus software is constantly being improved. Those updates are sent automatically to the camera at no extra cost to ensure you’re getting the best video possible.

Focus is reliable and has been thoroughly tested. But yes, we still offer a warranty period. Check the terms of your agreement to learn more about the warranty.


We’re all guilty of clicking the “I Agree” box after only skimming the terms and conditions page—but it’s important to read the fine print. Let us fill you in on all the details so you can sign on the dotted line with complete confidence.

You’ll own your Hudl Focus camera, but you’ll need an active Hudl subscription to use it. There are no required fees beyond the subscription cost.

Flexibility is the name of the game. We aren't trying to lock you into a long term contract if you’re not interested in that. Your term lengths are decided by you, chat with your Hudl account executive for options.

There are no extra fees if you cancel your subscription. We might ask you to send the camera back, but that’s it.

Have more questions about Focus? Let's talk.